We have designed Equity Round to be a more seamless, more comprehensive and more transparent investment platform connecting entrepreneurs, companies and investors. Here is how it works:

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For Investors

All investors navigating the Equity Round market place will have access to general information about our listed companies. First and foremost, we are focused on providing information, and building awareness about, our companies.

It is important to note that not all companies listed on Equity Round are here because they are raising capital. Some of them just want exposure and to tell you about the exciting things they are doing, and educate you about what their value proposition is.

And then there are companies that are here because they are raising capital, and want to take advantage of the ability to generally solicit under Rule 506(c). We offer these companies the ability to access folks like you, accredited investors, that are looking for the next great investment opportunity and just don’t have access to these kinds of deals through your broker, or online account.

If you want to learn more about a company’s offering, you will need to sign-up. The key think about Rule 506(c), is that it holds companies to a much greater level of accountability to ensure that the investors that they are soliciting are, in fact, qualified as accredited investors and can bear the related risks associated with investing in emerging growth companies.

Once you sign up on our online accredited investor form, we will review the information, and contact you to let you know that you have been accepted and provide you with access to a much deeper level of information about the offering company you are interested in, including detailed financial statements and pro forma information, material documents and offering documents all organized for easy access and designed to provide you with the intelligence to really understand if this investment is right for you.

In addition, we will make sure that you have access to the offering company’s management team to give you a maximum opportunity to do your diligence.

We think that transparency, disclosure and access to information are fundamental to making better investment decisions and that is our value proposition to you.

For Offering Companies

We provide you with access to a more proactive and smarter investor than you will find on other sites and we will set you up for success, by preparing you to present your value proposition.

Listing on Equity Round is free for offering companies. However, there is one catch. We expect that our offering companies are capable of providing the level and depth of information about their business that any traditional investment banking firm would expect prior to taking them out on a road show.

Companies that list on Equity Round must:

  • 1. Have current financial statements available, and be willing to post quarterly and annual summaries on their dedicated pages. For qualified, accredited investors seeking to learn more about your company, you will need to be willing to provide full detailed quarterly and annual statements (at least trailing 2 years);
  • 2. Have approved investor propaganda – investor deck, brief and a complete description of their business, operating history, products and services, management and board information, corporate governance information (Charter, Articles, Bylaws, Code of Ethics and other Key Policies) and you must be able to clearly articulate your value proposition;
  • 3. Have a detailed list of all key material documents to your business and be ready to make these available to qualified, accredited investors in your dedicated data room;
  • 4. Be available. We will ask you, from time to time, to host an investor conference call where we can invite interested investors to learn more about your business.

This might sound like a lot, but it is a minimal requirement and we can tell you that if you are prepared, transparent and accessible, then your chances of success at Equity Round will be maximized. If you aren’t prepared to provide these minimum requirements, there are other sites out there that require less. Good luck!

For those of you that would like our further help, our experts at Capital Services Group provide investment packaging services, direct public offering services and corporate communications support, all designed to enhance your ability to articulate your message, build shareholder interest, and participation.

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