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Investment Packaging – What It Is and Why It Matters

Raising capital to fund your business plan is arguably one of the most difficult and trying experiences you will ever experience as an entrepreneur, as an officer, and as a board member. On any given day there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of other entrepreneurs competing with you for capital. After all, it is a zero sum game

Author: Thomas Carter
Published At: 04/23/2015


The Important Emerging Role of Technology in Private Companies

More than 2 billion people are online and exchanging ideas. This is fundamentally changing the way the capital markets work

Author: Thomas Carter
Published At: 04/22/2015


MeetingMatch, Inc. Engages Capital Services Group for Strategic Financial Advisory Services

San Diego, CA, February 16, 2015 /Marketwired/ – MeetingMatch, Inc. (“MeetingMatch”, the “Company”), a cloud-based professional networking platform, today announced that it has engaged Capital Services Group, Inc. to provide strategic financial advisory services including investment packaging and listing of its offering on www.equityround

Author: Thomas Carter
Published At: 03/06/2015


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